Star Wars: Rogue One Review - 8 Ups & 2 Downs

8. It Looks Stunning

Star Wars Rogue One Death Star

Given the many looks at the film we've had through the trailers and TV spots, this one should come as no surprise. Doubly so given Rogue One is the work of Gareth Edwards - his Godzilla had some faults, but visuals sure weren't one of them.

Like all good Star Wars films, there are plenty of practical effects here, and Edwards and his team blend them seamlessly with the CGI efforts. The various worlds that we visit, in particular Jedha, are painstakingly created to have that Star Wars feel. There's a real sense that this is a lived-in universe, one with plenty of dirt and grime, and at times the aesthetics hue so closely to the Original Trilogy it's sometimes hard to believe the films have been made 40 years apart.

Whether it's in the swooping space battles or the grounded action, the big set pieces or the smaller scale production design, it's a feast for the eyes. Edwards and cinematographer Greig Fraser combine to deliver something familiar, but with plenty of new spins too, with different colour palettes, and putting us more in the action than ever before.


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