Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser Breakdown - 25 Things You Need To See

That's no moon.

Star Wars Rogue One.jpg

The Force Awakens did an excellent job of making audiences of all opinions of the prequels excited for more Star Wars, but before we find out what Luke was doing on that rock, how Phasma escaped the trash compactor and if killing his father made Kylo Ren a little less whiny, there's Rogue One. And you know what? After seeing the new teaser that dropped today, I may be more excited for this Star Wars Story than I am Episode VIII!

No, seriously. I am a massive fan of the original Star Wars (it's my favourite of the series), so anything directly relating to that - Rogue One dramatises the opening crawl, showing how the Rebels stole the Death Star plans - will have me intrigued anyway, but that trailer is just so good, succinctly selling the premise and providing a taste of the faithful recreation of the Galactic Civil War-era Gareth Edwards has crafted, all without really giving all that much away.

There's so much awesome stuff in there, so let's break it down and see what clues we can find for 2016's big Star Wars release.

25. Meet Jyn Erso

Star Wars Rogue One 1.jpg

The teaser wastes no time at all getting into the story, introducing us to Jyn Erso, the film's hero played by Felicity Jones. She's going to be ultimately responsible for stealing the Death Star plans, along with a team of assorted rogues, most of whom are seen later in the trailer.

When Jones and the likes of Rooney Mara were first linked to the Star Wars spin-off, many (myself included) assumed it was to play a young version of Princess Leia, although as we'll see, Jyn couldn't be any different to Miss Organa.

Star Wars Rogue One 2.jpg

In a voiceover Jyn is asked to "state her name for the record" and she appears to be being led through the base as a captor, suggesting her first run-in with the Rebellion isn't exactly a positive one. Of course, we could be victims of tricksy trailer editing, with a run-in with the Imperials presenting as trouble with the Rebellion. Either way, we look to be dealing with a "scoundrel done good" arc, so she's definitely more Han than Leia.


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