Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer - 9 Things The Teaser Didn't Show

Where's Darth Vader?


Despite the fact that it's a fully-fledged Star War film, news surrounding Rogue One has been relatively thin on the ground in the wake of The Force Awakens' monumental release; juicy tidbits have been few and far between in recent months - you could even be forgiven for forgetting that it's a motion picture set for release this year.

Until now, that is.

That's right: the first official teaser for Rogue One hit yesterday and it has landed with all the Force of a Jedi Master, whilst the almost two-minutes of footage have succeeded in doing one thing and one thing alone - inflicting everyone on the planet with even the tiniest interest in Star Wars with a feverish excitement. To put it plainly, Rogue One looks fantastic; unmistakably Star Wars, but clearly its own thing. 

This teaser gives a good old glimpse at lots of the film's integral bits and pieces, of course, with a heavy focus on establishing Felicity Jones' badass lead protagonist, Jyn Erso. But the teaser is also interesting for what it chooses not to show - aspects that have been purposely left out - some confirmed, some unconfirmed - in order to create an air of mystery around the next installment in the iconic saga.

Oh, and before anyone says "Bothans! They left Bothans out!", you're thinking of the wrong movie: many Bothans died stealing the plans for the Death Star II in The Return of the Jedi. So there.


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