Star Wars: Solo - 10 New Details Lucasfilm Just Revealed

It's true... all of it.

Star Wars Solo Han Chewie

It's been a big week for Star Wars. Not only did they announce that Game of Thrones creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are creating a whole new film series, along with a plan for multiple TV shows, but there was the little matter of the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Han Solo standalone has been plagued by behind-the-scenes issues, with the sh*t really hitting the fan when directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired last year. Under the new stewardship of Ron Howard though, and against all the odds, the film actually looks pretty good.

While Alden Ehrenreich didn't fully convince as the title character, the rest of the cast took their brief chance to impress, while the tone, world, and music felt suitably different enough for an anthology movie, without being completely unrecognisable to Star Wars fans.

The trailer didn't give too much away about the movie outside of a few intriguing hints, but on the back of it comes Entertainment Weekly's cover story, which dives deeper into the movie. As ever with Star Wars there's plenty the cast and crew cannot talk about, but also some interesting reveals about the characters and the direction they're all headed in come May 25.

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