Star Wars: Solo Trailer Breakdown - 20 Things You Need To See

20. Corellian Grafitti

Star Wars Han Solo Trailer

The trailer opens up with a young Young Han racing around the streets of his hometown Corellia, in a scene which clearly showcases the American Grafitti vibes that at least part of this movie is aiming for.

It's a great way of introducing the character, and shows off his cocky nature, skills as a pilot, and the fact he probably fancies himself a bit of a ladies man. He tells us that he's been doing this since he was 10, and here he's roughly around 18, with it being reported last year the movie would span six-years, taking Han from 18 to 24.

Also, notice the gold dice hanging down? A very nice touch, there, and no doubt we'll see those same dice being carefully placed in the Falcon before the movie's done.


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