Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 "Mind-Boggling Twist" Theories

The Sith is dead. Long live the Sith.

It was always inevitable that there'd be a twist in the new Star Wars trilogy: the "I am your father" switcheroo is now the benchmark for narrative stings, and the urge to try and surpass that must have been particularly strong for Disney. Despite the fact that Mark Hamill is under strict instructions not to give the stinger away, he was charitable enough to announce that there is something major he's not allowed to talk about. Talking about being trusted with the original twist (the abandoned idea that Obi-Wan Kenobi was the villain of the piece), Hamill spoke about the tightness of security over the plots:
€œI thought well first of all if Sir Alec Guinness is the real villain that€™s a pretty good twist in and of itself, but this is even better. Couldn€™t believe it, I was so excited. Just a mind-boggling plot twist. I still remember when we saw the first screening, Harrison turned to me and said €˜You never told me that.€™ I said €˜I know, but I would have gotten in trouble if I told you.€™ Now it€™s happening all over again, I€™m not even authorized to tell you I€™m in Episode VII. It€™s all secret.€
It's happening all over again. Irresistible words. With that and John Boyega's admission that the script made him cry, we're all in for a major ride when The Force Awakens releases, and inevitably talk is now turning to what that mind-boggling twist could be. From the outrageous to the surprisingly compelling, these are the theories behind that irresistible twist tease...

10. The Skywalkers Were Triplets

What if the Skywalker line didn't only split with Luke and Leia? What if that conspicuously veiled birth scene actually saw three children born and spirited away into hiding, and the third child - known only to Yoda - was so well hidden not even Obi-Wan knew of their existence? The new branch of the family could further expand the third generation of Anakin's bloodline, and a grand revelation that Finn is Luke and Leia's nephew would fit Hamill's "mind-boggling" promise. And it could offer a definitive answer to one of Star Wars' most enduring questions. Any Evidence? It all comes down to those four killer words: "No, there is another." There are generally two schools of thought concerning that line: either that Yoda refers to Leia or to Vader, but both can be disproved easily enough to suggest that Yoda's prophecy refers to an entirely different character. Obviously the franchise's fascination with mirrors and the number two would be compromised somewhat, but it would be an unexpected twist that could reveal a whole new threat or hope without having to retcon existing characters.
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