Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Moments From The Trailers (Not In The Movie)

The Dark Side of the marketing.

The trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were nothing short of exemplary. Perfectly selling the film without giving away much of the plot (unless you really wanted to read a lot into background details), they served as a nice pallet cleanser to the more spoilerific marketing campaigns for other big Hollywood blockbusters. But while they certainly got everyone hyped for the movie, they wasn't done without a bit of misdirection; dream sequences were presented as reality and certain sub-plots were played up. And, biggest of all, some of the most eye-catching moments from the trailers didn't even make it into the finished film. Seriously - just like Marvel with Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man, The Force Awakens has numerous shots and lines of dialogue in the advertising that were nowhere to be seen in Episode VII. Here are the ten biggest omissions from the first three trailers (none of the subsequent international trailers or the plethora of TV spots).

10. Kylo Ren In The Forest

The Trailer Moment: Possibly the most iconic moment from the whole marketing campaign, this shot of Kylo Ren gave us our first look at the film's big bad, as well as his controversial crossguard lightsaber. Where Was It? This moment itself does happen during the events of film, just off screen - this comes from just before the final duel, which we see from the perspective of Rey and Finn when things actually go down. As Kylo has a slight limp here, it could easily be a hangover from an earlier plan for the duel. However, given how out of step with the flow of the finished scene it is, that Adam Driver is hoodless and how screenshotable that final image is, it could have just been something made specifically for the marketing, showing Kylo Ren without giving much away (aside from that lightsaber).

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