Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 11 Major Plot Clues From The Final Trailer

4. The Rebels Attack The Starkiller Base

In the original trilogy The Rebel Forces never felt like the aggressors in combat: they were the archetypal underdogs facing an enemy capable of making planet sized weapons to wipe out entire species and their homes, and they very much had to attack like ninjas, aiming very tactically for weak spots amid diversion tactics. The Force Awakens trailers feel different: even those the Starkiller base is clearly on a level with the Death Stars in terms of size and brute power, seeing the X-Wing squadrons attacking First Order bases (including the big kahuna itself, as implied in the shot that shows the giant trench) feels more like there's been a shift in power. Obviously that makes sense in terms of how Return of The Jedi ended, but you also have to suspect that that assumption is going to come back to bite the Rebels hard. Which might well be how Poe Dameron ends up in Kylo Ren's grasp.
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