Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 13 Biggest Unanswered Questions

The two-year wait for answers begins.

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Like any great movie sequel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi leaves behind as many lingering questions as it provides answers.

While some fans might be frustrated at certain mysteries from The Force Awakens being left hanging, for the most part Rian Johnson struck a fine balance between delivering satisfying revelations about the major characters, yet also saving some juicy inevitable reveals for 2019's Episode IX.

The Last Jedi saw Johnson doing his best to supplant audience expectations and deliver a genuinely surprising Star Wars movie, and that he certainly did, to the extent that several moments were straight-up baffling in their weirdness.

It remains to be seen how J.J. Abrams will manage to follow up on them in the next movie, but there's clearly already a firm foundation set for a satisfying conclusion to the Star Wars sequel trilogy (which surely won't be the end of the story).

With two years left to speculate about the what, why and how of The Last Jedi, these are the 13 nagging, burning questions sure to agonise fans in the meantime...

13. How Strong Are Leia's Force Powers?

Star Wars The Force Awakens Princess Leia

The Question: After Kylo Ren damn-near kills Leia by blowing her out into the vacuum of space, she manages to use the Force to fly back to safety, to the apparent surprise of no-one.

Leia having some Force powers isn't terribly surprising given who she's related to, but how strong is her understanding of the Force exactly? Is she also adept in combat, for instance?

The Likely Answer: It seems most probable that Leia has never received extensive training in the Force, especially when it comes to fighting, and this was simply a last-ditch Hail Mary pass in order to survive.

Yes, such a huge display of Force power does seem pretty suspect from someone with minimal-to-no training, but the fact that nobody who witnessed her act seemed particularly shocked by it might imply she's shown off some death-defying Force skills in the past.

She's powerful enough to survive dying in space, but probably not powerful enough to actually put up a decent fight against a well-trained Sith Lord, if that makes any sense at all.


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