Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 23 WTF Moments

23. The "Clownification" Of Hux

General Hux Star Wars Force Awakens

General Hux was always designed to be something of an annoyance in this trilogy. He isn't just the worse kind of villain (who rose to the top without even having the decency to be monstrously strong or on the back of his own direct acts of savagery), but he's also a competitor to Kylo Ren for Supreme Leader Snoke's affections. Basically, whether you're Dark or Light Side-affiliated, he's very hard to like.

Still, it's not very pleasant to see him turned into a comedy victim whose first scene ends with him being humiliated in front of his army by Snoke. This exchange, plus several other unfortunate moments paint him as a clown, and the fact that he ends up surviving to help lead the Empire just makes those decisions look all the more baffling.

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