Star Wars The Last Jedi: 8 Plot Theories From The Expanded Universe

It may not be canon anymore, but that doesn't mean Disney hasn't helped itself to a few ideas.


It was a dark time for the Star Wars fandom when Disney fired up their corporate Death Star and decimated the expanded universe. This meant that many beloved characters, settings and plotlines would never have the chance to appear onscreen.

That isn’t to say, however, that they didn’t do some pillaging before they hit the kill switch. They may have declared these stories defunct, but good money says that a pile of them have been sitting on Rian Johnson’s desk for the past year.

The Force Awakens, while often being criticised for following A New Hope’s plot beats like a drummer in a Cantina cover band, certainly wasn’t above drawing inspiration from outside of Lucas’ cinematic wheelhouse. The fact that Han and Leia have a child that turns evil, a superweapon that draws its power from the surrounding suns and even the idea of a Stormtrooper going rogue all sprang from the pages of expanded universe fiction.

So, as it’s not out of the question for The Last Jedi to draw from the vast trove of available lore set throughout the Star Wars universe, there’s plenty to go off to predict what course the next movie will take.


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