Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Darth Vader's Presence Felt In New Poster

You don't know the power of the Dark Side.

Darth Vader Poster

The ominous shadow of Darth Vader will hang over the Star Wars franchise for as long as Disney continue to make new chapters in the franchise. He's one of the single most compelling characters in the history of moving pictures and having his family kicking around is bound to draw further attention around him (particularly when one of them basically sanctifies him the same way fans do).

And to a certain extent, the new Star Wars films are playing up to the Vader situation. He's Kylo Ren's inspiration, Luke Skywalker's ghost (and Rey's by transferrence eventually) and Leia's tragic regret. His helmet has already appeared in the franchise once, and he is so inherently linked to Kylo Ren's destiny (or what he perceives as his destiny) that his presence is bound to be felt in The Last Jedi and beyond.

It seems that his presence has already been felt by one Star Wars fan on Twitter in The Last Jedi's marketing too. With the release of the new poster - which seems to position Luke Skywalker in a villainous position - Twitter user @apelad spotted a quirk in the composition that seems to insist on Vader's spiritual presence...

And for further evidence...

It might be crudely drawn, but he's definitely on to something there. And if it's not Vader, it's definitely a skull at the very least, and that's just about as ominous.

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