Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reactions - 8 Ups & 2 Downs

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Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer BB8

In the end, Mark Hamill was right about the time, but even he would struggle to predict just how much of a volcano of hype met the arrival of the second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

If the trailer is any indication of the quality of the film that Rian Johnson has put together, we're all in for an almighty treat that takes everything that worked for The Force Awakens and squeezes even more out of it. There's more mystery, more impending doom, more tiny cute characters that could sell billions of dollars worth of merchandise alone... And honestly, it feels like a great time to be alive for Star Wars fans.

Now we have two months of endless, white-hot hype as fans rush to analyse every scrap of information released (and how the consciously left gaps will fit into the puzzle) - or choose to ignore it entirely to "go in clean" as Johnson would put it. But at least we have this stunning trailer to keep us company while we wait for December.

As ever, it wasn't flawless, but as an exercise in nurturing excitement, it was beautifully effective. So it's well worth breaking down what worked best and what didn't quite land.

First the negatives...

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