Star Wars VII: Essential Characters And Who Should Play Them – PART II

Welcome back to Part II of the Fantasy Casting for Star Wars Episode VII. In last week's first part we started with four key characters centering on the Skywalker/Solo families and one minor character that is fairly new to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. On this week€™s edition we€™re going to introduce five more noteworthy characters that have played pivotal roles in the Expanded Universe that could play important roles in Episode VII and the new trilogy. If you€™d like to review last week€™s article, feel free to stop here first before moving on to this week.

New details have emerged since our last article revolving around the writers. It was originally reported but now apparently rumored again, that writers Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg would be on board for Episodes VIII & IX. Reports are now swirling that these two may be involved with more character centric stories. As an Expanded Universe fan this is exciting because it could mean that we see other stories from other characters that are either loosely associated with the original family (Skywalker line) or not associated at all. With Kasdan and Kinberg potentially fleshing out other stories or characters, there€™s a good chance we could see some solid spinoff stories about Expanded Universe characters.

Matthew Vaughn has once again popped back onto the radar as the potential director for Episode VII as well but again is only a rumor at this point. David Fincher and Jon Favreau have now also popped into the mix along with Ewan McGregor reported stating he'd love to come back and be a part of Star Wars again. We€™ll keep the news/rumors coming each week that we present a new article. As always, your feedback in the comments section of these articles is extremely appreciated!

As mentioned before, a majority of my selections will be characters that were introduced in the Expanded Universe novels or have played pivotal roles in these novels. Many of these characters may have made appearances in other media material but I€™m only counting those that were introduced via book media as qualifiers or have had roles in the novels. At this time I€™m also still basing the actors selections based on the assumption that we are seeing a story a number of years after Return of the Jedi and not during events right after the last film. This could change as Mark Hamill has recently been quoted as saying he still hasn€™t heard anything new on potential casting.

Hold tight as we look at casting choices for Lumiya, Vergere, Booster Terrik, Ben Skywalker and Shimrra Jamaane....


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