Star Wars: Why Game Of Thrones' Creators Should Make Knights Of The Old Republic

7. They're Great Adapters

Matt Sayles/AP

"David and Dan are some of the best storytellers working today," said Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy in a statement. It's not a lie, exactly, but more of a half-truth. As a team, we've only really got Game of Thrones to go on, which wasn't a world they built themselves but rather built upon.

You can argue about the quality of Game of Thrones' writing as they've gone increasingly off-book, and it's true the show did peak around Season 4, which was when they had the strongest source material to work from. But that's why they're better off adapting something rather than, as Johnson is doing, creating a completely new project.

They can take material, adapt it, twist it, and in places even elevate it; indeed, they don't really get enough credit for some of their additions to George R.R. Martin's world: Arya's partnership with Tywin, for example, is a wonderful addition, while there are lots of great scenes (e.g. Catelyn and Talisa), lines of dialogue (e.g. King Robert's "horrible truth" quote about Lyanna), and whole off-book episodes (The Winds of Winter is arguably the show's best) that came from their pen, not Martin's.

That isn't to say they could've created something as great as Thrones on their own, but it shows just how capable they are with the right source material to work from, and there's not much better in Star Wars than KOTOR.


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