Suicide Squad: Jared Leto's Been Filming More As The Joker (But For What?)

Is he in Justice League or are these just more SS reshoots?

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Jared Leto has been doing his usual teasing act on social media and has seemingly confirmed that he's currently filming some more scenes as The Joker.

The actor - who is presumably also delighting his fellow cast members with similar on-set antics as got him into the news last time - shared some teases on Snapchat, which were picked up by Batman-News. There's not much in there by way of substance, but he's definitely up to something.

So what's he shooting for? Is this more Suicide Squad reshoots? Or could The Joker be appearing in Justice League, which is obviously shooting now? The issue there is Leto was in Miami (according to his Tweets), but Snyder is filming Part One in London.

Perhaps he's just so fond of the performance he's doing it in his spare time too?

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