Suicide Squad Review: 3 Ups And 7 Downs

It's not the Ballroom Blitz we were expecting.

Suicide Squad Ups Downs
Warner Bros. Pictures

You know who deserves an award? The guys who edited together the Suicide Squad trailers. They took a movie that was light on real vibrancy or fun and managed to turn in some of the best pieces of marketing we've had in years. It's just a shame that to realise their amazing work we had to suffer through the third DCEU mistake.

Yup, unfortunately the movie they were selling isn't up to snuff, an arduous, confused slog that actually left me a little lost for words. Not because it wasn't what we were sold (even though it wasn't - quite literally in some cases, with entire scenes missing from the finished cut), but because it was so messy on a full range of filmmaking levels.

It's a disappointment of the highest order. The director was proven in dark and grimy action, the cast was a mixture of sure-fire winners and exciting gambles and the premise - a team of villains brought together to take on the tasks no good guy would touch - seemed to be exactly what the superhero genre needed.

So why didn't it work (and what were the few things that did)? Here's seven downs and three ups from Suicide Squad.


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