Super Bowl 2019: Ranking Every Trailer From Worst To Best

The best, the worst, and the meh.


Another Super Bowl has come and gone, which means an entire litany of blockbuster hopefuls from both film and television have unleashed new trailers upon the world in the process.

With such big-hitting properties as Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, and Toy Story 4 all having a presence of some kind this year, there was certainly no shortage of highly anticipated trailers. And for the most part, they delivered.

But of course, not every trailer was so fortunate. Whether they were woefully misplaced, redundant, or just outright bad, some of these properties should have just saved their money and kept away from the Super Bowl altogether.

12. Wonder Park


Paramount Animation's new film looks to be a lowest-common-denominator kind of kid's comedy and this trailer does absolutely nothing to upsell it.

It doesn't help matters that thanks to its position as an official sponsor of the pre-game, this wound up being one of the longest commercials aired during the entire Super Bowl. While a shorter and brisker ad for the film that put greater emphasis on the narrative's tale of rediscovering one's adolescence could have made a genuine impact, this bloated piece of advertising hurts the film more than it helps.

It makes the film look like little more than a cheap off-brand piece of animation, and is very bluntly selling solely to children who don't know to expect anything better or more well-crafted than a lazy gag about bodily functions.

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