Superman vs Batman Movie: 5 Actors To Play Lex Luthor

vote lex luthor With those LexCorp Easter Eggs and the discussion from Zack Snyder of a new type of Lex Luthor for the Man of Steel universe, it is pretty much a given that Superman's arch nemesis will make an appearance in the Man of Steel sequel. They described their take on the character as a Bill Gates type Lex who's worth 40, 50, 60 million dollars. By this it is clear we are going to get the smooth talking businessman type Lex and not the mad scientist type. How Lex Luthor will be incorporated into the story isn't confirmed yet, but its inevitable that it will be to do with the destruction of Metropolis. Lex Luthor being the nemesis of Superman, is going to need a great actor to bring him to life on screen. Here are my five choices to play the villain...

5. Mark Strong

Mark Strong Mark Strong is reportedly Zack Snyder's top choice to play Lex Luthor, and with good reason to, this man is great at portraying villains. He played villains in Kick Ass, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, RocknRolla and he even got to don a power ring in 2011's Green Lantern as Sinestro. However with the Green Lantern franchise likely being rebooted to tie into Justice League, it would be a great choice for Snyder to snatch Strong up for the role of Luthor now that we'll never likely see Sinestro go bad. I always thought his character in the 2010 movie Kick Ass was very similar to Lex Luthor anyway, so I could believe that he could play the world's smartest criminal convincingly. He has the look, the voice, and the overall terrifying presence to play him. Whilst casting him would seem reminiscent of a typecast situation since he plays villains most of the time, you still can't go wrong with it, he's a great actor and would be a great Lex.

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