Tarantino Unchained: His 5 Most Bizarre Meltdowns

3. Spit

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTR2DkvDrv0 The Meltdown: Hell hath no fury like Tarantino on the red carpet. Whilst attending the Oscars with the lovely Mira Sorvino on his arm (who you might be shocked to learn he dated back in '97), the actress stops and looks to approach a journalist who's calling out her name. Before the guy can get her for an interview, Tarantino grabs Mira's arm arm and blurts out: "No, no, no, no, no! This is the one that I said... wrote that story... on my Dad." Then, kind of groggily, he adds: "He's the editor of Premiere and he did a story on my Dad." Looking like a magician has put her into a trance, Mira shuts down and walks off, leaving Tarantino - filled to the brim with all the Daddy rage that its possible for somebody to feel in a tuxedo - turns to the "editor" and lets rip with a flaming glob of spit, using the entire force of his body to send it soaring. Then he walks off. Incidentally, this was the most exciting thing to happen at the Oscars during that year. Was It Justified? Um, probably not. And that's going on the fact that the "editor" of Premiere magazine is actually MTV's Chris Connelly, and definitely not the editor of Premiere magazine. Tarantino had him confused with somebody else who edited an article about his biological father. We guess revenge is a dish best served... wrongly?

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