Tarantino Movie Deaths Quiz: Which Characters Lived To The End?

Zed’s Dead, Baby.


Quentin Tarantino has made a name for himself with a stylish array of violent crime films. His earlier films began with gangsters, and then expanded into other genres, from samurai pictures to war films to western cinema. But a common theme through each movie is the pervasive, omnipresent violence.

Tarantino seems to get a kick out of shocking audiences, and not just with colorful language and controversial themes. More than most other filmmakers today, Quentin loves a good, riveting death scene.

Many of his characters make it through to the end of the film. Some find happy endings. Some have bittersweet conclusions, ultimately living but with broken hearts and destroyed lives. Others... don’t fare so well. They may be shot in the face, stabbed, scalped, hanged or murdered in horrific automobile accidents. There have been a lot of deaths.

Can you remember which of these characters survived to the end of the film and which ones died? Answers at the end (and spoilers ahead!)

1. Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Orange


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