Terminator Genisys: 10 Things That Would Have Happened Afterwards

The public probably wouldn't be happy with a beloved high-tech company being blown to smithereens.


There are two types of people in this world; those who have seen Terminator Genisys, and those that were warned off in time.

Much like the plot of the original 1984 film, those who've endured Alan Taylor's loving ode to plot-holes and drama school dialogue now have a mission in the present to save the humanity in the future. Namely, that they can convince anyone going to the cinema at the weekend to see Inside/Out or something instead. It might not be very Hollywood but, if each of us can save even one friend, colleague or neighbour the ordeal, then we won't have suffered in vain.

But suffer we did, and after sitting through all 126 minutes of that absolute mess we find ourselves ejected from the story just as things were starting to get interesting. What did our valiant heroes do next? Where did they go? Who had to sweep up all that broken glass outside the Cyberdyne HQ? The possibilities are not only endless, but likely a lot more entertaining than the film was in the first place.

Throughout the franchise we're told that the future isn't written yet, but that's not true, because I've written it all here. Come with me if you want to live a little.

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