The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 10 Mistakes To Avoid


You win Hollywood... you win. Production has started on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I couldn't be less thrilled. Why? Because the first one was such a rehash of the first Spider-Man from 2002 that Marc Webb was only missing a shot of Sam Raimi's Oldsmobile to make it officially canon.

Don't get me wrong, Andrew Garfield was a good replacement for Tobey Maguire, Emma Stone out classes Kirsten Dunst, and Denis Leary made me wish it was an R-rated film so he could fully go off on Spidey. But this doesn't replace the fact that the film only made some character/casting changes, threw in a couple of new toys, and hired James Horner to rip off one of his own scores (yet again) in an attempt to make a "new movie."

So why am I taking up the banner for a better, more Amazing Spider-Man 2? Because I'm a geek, and I demand only the finest comic book films. I believe that this could actually turn out to be a better film, should we move in the right direction.

I give Marc Webb credit, because I loved the man's work on (500) Days of Summer. He brought some of that character developing talent to the table with this movie, and it showed. On top of that, he finally gave the world The Lizard as a movie baddie, though it still kinda sucked that we didn't get the Dylan Baker version we were promised all those years back.

Ultimately, I chalk up the problems with The Amazing Spider-Man to one single fact: it was made in a hurry once Spider-Man 4 fell apart. At least it seemed like it when they announced they were rebooting not too far after the previous franchise shot itself in the foot.

Now we have some lead time, we have a film in production, and we have some fresh villains and the origin story out of the way. You've used up your free pass, Marc Webb... now you're going to be properly judged for your Spidey senses. If you want to make it through unscathed, here's 10 mistakes I'm seriously hoping you'll avoid.


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