The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 5 Reasons You Should Be More Exicted

Intro Last summer The Amazing Spider-Man was hardly mentioned with all the chaos that followed The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Why would it be? A reboot to a film series that€™s barely a decade old is hardly as important as the movie featuring four major Marvel characters or the end to the epic Nolan Batman trilogy. Now that the dust has settled on Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel, comic book fans have to begin the cycle once again of getting excited to see their latest heroes being adapted onto the big screen. Sure, you could be excited for the sequels to Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The First Avenger but there are more reasons to get excited for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel€

5. It's Being Shot On Film

TAS 5 A big deal was made in the first one about the use of the RED Epic Camera so it was interesting to hear that the new one will instead be shot using 35mm film. Using digital cameras is easier if planning to implement CGI so the change may suggest that director Marc Webb is focusing less on big CGI action sequences (there still will be action just probably done more with stuntmen etc.) and more on dramatic tension throughout the film. One of the worst things about the last one was the atrocious CGI that made The Lizard look more like an alien from Mars Attacks then a menacing villain. CGI will definitely be used less if Webb isn't using digital cameras. Thankfully this will prevent crappy looking villains distracting you while you€™re trying to watch the damn film! If you want reminding of how disappointing the Lizard looked in the movie, which this video below;

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