the amazing spider-man 2

The original Spider-Man series of films was fine. Just fine. Tobey Maguire was okay as the nerdy kid-turned-superhero, Kirsten Dunst was beautiful enough to pass for Mary Jane Watson, and from Green Goblin to Doc Ock to Sandman, they covered a lot of the major villains of the comic franchise. So when it was announced that Marc Webb would be reinventing the franchise barely a decade after the original series premiered, the masses were extremely confused. Didn’t we all just see this? Didn’t they show us all that we needed to see already? Many fans quickly screamed “NO!”, but others became excited.

The original films were fun when we all first saw them but much like the other early Marvel films (X-Men) they did not hold up against the tests of time. There have been over 700 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man comic series (including Annuals and Extras) and more than a dozen other series within the same continuity featuring the web-slinger. The first film in The Amazing Spider-Man series gave us a lot of what we’ve all seen and heard before (Peter’s a dork, Uncle Ben dies, Great Power, Great Responsibility, etc.) but its success is giving us a second chance at getting to know more about Spidey’s friends and enemies that we may not have had time for during the first go around. Here are five scenes from the comics that we’re hoping to see in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next summer.


WARNING: There are a lot of comic spoilers and potential film spoilers within this list.

Read at your own risk.

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This article was first posted on June 15, 2013