Last week, Coming Soon got an exclusive first look at Andrew Garfield’s new costume from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The updated attire now seems more similar to Tobey Maguire’s Spidey in almost every single way, which might seem like a step backwards if the previous Amazing Spidey costume hadn’t looked so amateurish. Though that was to the appeal of the film and Garfield’s character in the first flick – he being a teenager who hadn’t exactly specialised in fashion design – an update to something a little sleeker was certainly due.

The largest way in which the new costume differs from any previous attempts is in its bulbous white eyes. They look almost like cartoons, harking back to Spidey’s comic book history – especially the particularly exaggerated, super-stylish Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe. Upon even the slightest examination, the eyes become so iconic it’s amazing to think they’ve never looked like this in previous films. I see this image and think, “damn, that IS Spider-Man”.


This new costume seems indicative of a Spidey who’s found his place in the city. As an icon, equally a part of the New York skyline as the Chrysler building. There’s only so long we can put up with seeing the same story through a different director’s eyes and, while Webb’s portrayal of the origin story was fresh and was treated with the care it was due, there is trepidation that the introduction of Mary-Jane Watson so soon into the reboot, or the inclusion of Norman Osborn in the villain’s seat once again might be a step too safely planted in the same footprints as Raimi’s series.

At least Webb has certainly done one thing right already: Spidey’s new costume is absolutely amazing!

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This article was first posted on March 4, 2013