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With Comic Con just a couple of days away we’re slowly getting more and more teasers for the big movies that will be presented at this year’s event. After the recent update to Omnicorp’s website comes what we should consider as the first teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 showcasing our first look at Jamie Foxx’s shocking villain, Electro, in action.

Check it out for yourselves below;

As you might expect for a teaser trailer for a movie that doesn’t open until next summer we don’t get to see much, but at least we get a really cool look at Electro (which, by the way, looks pretty cool) but we also hear how he will sound in the movie. While I have to admit that it is a pretty menacing voice and the effect that they’re giving to the character with it really works in its favor, I’m wondering if his voice will suffer the same fate as Bane’s voice from The Dark Knight Rises? Not that there’s something wrong with the current voice, but I can see some people complaining about it at some point.

As you’ve probably heard by now in the sequel Max Dillon is an underrated worker at Oscorp who everybody ignores until his life gets turned upside down when something very tragic happens and he gets turned into Electro. You know… that old Spider-Man villain chestnut.

The Comic Con panel for The Amazing Spider-Man will take place in Hall H on Friday, July 19 at 4:05 p.m where hopefully a few more goodies will be released ahead of the film’s release in May, 2014.

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This article was first posted on July 18, 2013