The Batman: 7 Reasons George Miller Must Replace Ben Affleck

2. The World Deserves More Miller

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It's still a travesty that outside of Mad Max films George Miller has only made Babe: Pig In The City, two Happy Feet films, the excellent Witches Of Eastwick and Lorenzo's Oil. This is in almost forty years since the first Mad Max came out, and that is a bloody travesty.

Sure, he almost made Contact and Justice League in that time as well, but his focus on producing robbed all of his fans of more of his artistic vision. We now have a fifth Mad Max project in production, of course, but at 71, there's an awful feeling that he won't be around making films for that much longer. He deserves another major production and as Ben Affleck said for a long time before he passed, you don't get that much bigger than Batman.

It needs to happen.

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