The Batman Could Be Casting Another British Dark Knight In Jack O'Connell

Rising star rumoured to play The Bat or a Bat-Family member for Matt Reeves...

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Ever since there were rumblings that Ben Affleck might be leaving the role of Batman before Matt Reeves' long-gestating solo outing (still tentatively but no longer convincingly called The Batman), there have been some big names linked to the role.

We've heard about Jake Gyllenhaal, Kit Harington and even Ryan Gosling (among others) and now it seems a more surprising contender may have emerged. Highly-rated, hugely-talented British actor Jack O'Connell is the latest name linked with the massive role, at least according to That Hashtag Show.

Ever since breaking out in beloved, cult British TV show Skins (which also features Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, Daniel Kaluuya and Game Of Thrones' Hannah Murray and Joe Dempsie), O'Connell has earned himself a reputation for intense performance on the likes of Unbroken, Starred Up and Godless. He's certainly got the dark edge necessary to play Batman and Bruce Wayne.

The report suggests that he could be up for another member of the Bat-family (presumably only Robin/Nightwing would fit the bill here, as it's unlikely we're going to see Azrael or Bat-Mite) OR the Dark Knight himself. Their rumour states that the studio has expressed interest in him even if there's no confirmation yet and they say that there may have been a meeting between O'Connell and Affleck.

For now, it's one for the rumours pile with a healthy side of salt, but it would be an interesting hire all the same. Whether American fans would be happy with another British actor playing Bruce Wayne remains to be seen though.

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