The Batman: EVERY Major Rumour Ranked Worst To Best

14. Andy Serkis Wants In

andy serkis
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The Rumour

According to an interview with JoBlo, Matt Reeves veteran Andy Serkis wants to play a part in Reeves' Batman trilogy:

"Oh, for sure! I mean, I'd go to the edge of the created universe with Matt [Reeves]. I mean, he's the most brilliant director. I would work with anything with him again, y'know, I mean, I absolutely adore him and we're very good friends, close friends, and I think he's an extraordinary director so for sure."

Cue rumours about a mo-cap character such as Clayface appearing.


Interest doesn't necessarily mean anything, but their closeness would suggest there's a possibility of him being hired for SOMETHING. Let's hope so, anyway.

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