The Batman: Every Rumour You Need To Know

So... does Joker tie-in or not?

The Batman Joker
Warner Bros./Boss Logic

With the news that Zoƫ Kravitz has officially joined The Batman as Catwoman, production on Matt Reeves' comic book film is beginning to gather pace. Robert Pattinson has long been tapped to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, while further casting announcements regarding the roles of James Gordon, the Riddler and Penguin are expected to drop in the months ahead.

But as these announcements begin to steam ahead, so too does rumour and speculation. The DCEU - perhaps more so because audiences are less sure of its current status - opens itself up for this even more than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's been talk of Green Lantern sequels, Supergirl replacing Superman and more delays and cancellations that Warner Bros. would care to admit.

However, with The Batman, a sense of stability has been restored. Reeves has promised a unique vision for the character and that confidence has brought with it a different kind of rumour - one that's more optimistic, and way less chaotic.

There are a whole bunch to digest, but as Reeves' film starts to take shape, here are the most convincing ones so far...

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