The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Moments Straight From The Comics

5. Knightfall: The Back Break

What Nolan Took: Perhaps the most anticipated moment of The Dark Knight Rises for Bane fans was the iconic back-breaking scene. Bane is infamous for being the first villain to break Batman physically and emotionally. Last week before I saw the film I wrote that this moment would have as much of an impact on film as it did in the comics and I wasn€™t wrong. What Nolan Changed: In the original Knightfall version, Bane invades Wayne Manor and adds insult to injury by breaking Batman in his own Batcave. In the movie, the scene still happens underground, but it is in Bane€™s lair instead of Batman€™s. Also, the film€™s Bane takes Batman prisoner after breaking him, while in the comics Bane simply tosses him out on the street.

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