The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Moments Straight From The Comics

4. Knightfall: Bane Stages a Prison Break With Party Gifts

What Nolan Took: In Knightfall, Bane€™s first move in his chess game against Batman is to bust open the walls of Arkham Asylum and release Gotham€™s worst criminals back onto the street. As if it wasn€™t enough to simply free the inmates, Bane helps them get back to their old tricks by arming them to the teeth with an assortment of weapons. What Nolan Changed: Instead of Arkham, Bane blows up Blackgate Prison, although the result is essentially the same. The guns aren€™t airlifted in like the are in the comics nor are Batman or the cops around to do anything about the horde of armed criminals flooding the streets, which actually makes it a whole lot more terrifying than the comics€™ version.

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