The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Reasons Why Lucius Fox Is Batman's Unsung Hero

1. He's Another Parental Surrogate For Bruce

OK, listen up. We all know Alfred has spent most of his life filling the role of the father Bruce lost, but he€™s not the only one. Lucius Fox is just as much of a parental figure to Bruce as Alfred is, just in a different way. In fact, maybe one way of seeing it is that Alfred is the doting mother, whilst Lucius is the cool dad who is always fun to be with- no disrespect meant to Alfred or Michael Caine at all. One line sums it all up in The Dark Knight Rises, when Lucius tells Bruce how lovely Miranda Tate is- €œWe just want what€™s best for you, Bruce€. And God, do you believe it. One of my favourite little moments in the trilogy is when we see Alfred and Fox together, I believe the only time in the trilogy. When Fox delivers Bruce the antidote to Crane€™s fear toxin, and walks past Alfred- €œAlfred€€, and Alfred simply replies €œLucius€€ I can€™t explain it, but it€™s just a wonderful little moment, cementing the fact they are like doting parents to a grown man who dresses up like a Bat. Though there are few soul-searching moments between Bruce and Lucius, he serves a very important purpose. As the only member of Wayne Enterprises to support Bruce€™s return in Batman Begins (€œMr. Wayne, as far as I€™m concerned, all of this is yours anyway€), and head of Wayne Enterprises in films two and three (he tries to run the company without the help of Bruce kind of like an ever-suffering parent doing what is necessary for their beloved child), he is keeping the memory an legacy of Bruce€™s parents alive for him- he knew them well, and understood what they were trying to do for the city, and tries to replicate that as best he can. Not even Alfred can boast that!

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