THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batwing or Batcopter Revealed?

Spoiler set images of a new flying vehicle for the Caped Crusader...

Way back in August, during the Pittsburgh leg of The Dark Knight Rises shoot, shots were leaked online of a new vehicle, which fans immediately recognized as the Batwing (though there is some speculation that it's the Batcopter, and the rotor blades will be added in post-production). Up until now, there have never been any good, clean shots of the vehicle but, courtesy of Ain't It Cool News, we have this one that really shows it off, and helps us get a sense of it in all it's glory. Looking at it, I think that the Tumbler transforms into the Batwing, or maybe we are not getting a good sense of its scale from the picture, and the Tumbler is housed inside it. What do you think? The Dark Knight Rises is due (in a date probably etched into your memory long ago) July 20th, 2012 and we are being treated to both the full length trailer and the six minute opening prologue in mid-December.

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