The Dark Knight Rises: How It Should Have Ended

WARNING: Here there be spoilers. But honestly, who hasn’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet?

Matt Aspin



How did you feel about the way Christopher Nolan concluded his awesome Batman trilogy? There’s no denying it was absolutely epic but the final scenes involving Alfred Pennyworth and Billionaire Philanthropist Bruce Wayne was deemed a little too sentimental for some viewers, and as argued by What Culture writer Simon Gallagher in his piece The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Questions We Still Want Answered it was perhaps a little silly to expect Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Robin John Blake to just find the Bat Cave and be able to use the equipment etc with no formal training. Yes, Nolan is a master story teller and yes his Bat movies are completely amazing and awesome but maybe he should have taken advice from the guys over at How It Should Have Ended when thinking about his finale.

Well, despite big Chris’ snubbing of the satirical website the guys at HISHE went ahead and created what they believe to be the 5 mot (ahem) ‘logical’ endings to the almost flawless Dark Knight Rises. Take a look at the video below and let us know if you think Warner made the right choice with the ending they had.

Some pretty hilarious ideas, right? Batman’s secret identity not being such a big secret, his near invincibility and his irritating growl of a voice are all spot on jabs at the longstanding king of DC comics. And the Superman cameo would have been a sure fire way to set up his new movie as well as giving us the DC crossover we’ve been begging for for years.
Let us know what you think of the video below. Is the real ending as stupid as people have said or is it actually a sensical finale and the only way the story could have gone without actually killing off their biggest cash cow?