The Dark Knight Rises Sequel: 3 Actors Who Could Play Hugo Strange

Our choice of actors to play Batman's oldest villain in a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises.

Over the last few months we here at WhatCulture! have looked at all kinds of different subjects relating to Batman and The Dark Knight Rises. In particular we've looked at just who should direct a new Batman franchise? Who would be Batman? And who should play the role of The Joker when he inevitably reappears? Sure, Heath Ledger was perfect but that doesn't mean that the Dark Knight's greatest adversary should never be seen on film again. This time we thought we'd take a look at other villains and ask: Who could play them if they were ever to feature in a new series of Batman movies. You can let us know what you think of our choices in the comments box below. First up, Professor Hugo Strange. Who?Hugo Strange is one of the oldest Batman villains out there, actually predating both the Joker and Catwoman. In fact he€™s actually older than the Batman series itself, first appearing in Detective Comics a few months before Batman #1 came out. Professor Hugo Strange was once a brilliant psychologist who was hired by Gotham's finest to track down and bring to justice the one known as Batman. Unfortunately for Strange he was far too intelligent not to be corrupted by the dark underbelly of Gotham, plus he has the surname Strange which doesn't help much does it? Driven mad by his own genius Strange set about becoming Batman, often wearing the outfit behind the privacy of locked doors. Strange is often overlooked as a character but is in fact very important to the story, if for no other reason he once deduced old Batty's true identity. An exciting twist, no? Hugo Strange is also synonymous with the character of Dr Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow. The two men would often team together to try and capture Batman but they would usually fail and one would ultimately turn on the other. He also has ties to Sal Maroni, the man responsible for turning Harvey Dent into Two-Face, at least in the original story. Still unsure about the character? Here's the trailer for Arkham City featuring Corey Burton as our rogue of choice.

Most Famous Appearances? The character of Hugo Strange has appeared sporadically throughout Batman's publication history, most notably in the pre and post Crisis story arcs as well as Earth-Two. Most recently DC have introduced Strange's son Eli but he has yet to make his presence felt. His debut in the new 52 will be one to follow. Also, let's not forget the 1970's story arc Strange Apparitions in which Hugo first discovers who Bruce Wayne really is. Click "next" below to see our casting choices for the part;

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