The fan-love for Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy will never be up for debate: the director rescued the property after an abusive relationship with Joe Schumacher turned it into a day-glo figure of ridicule, and relaunched the genre into a legitimate money-spinner.

And best of all, he did it by making serious films, rather than going camp again, and his vision saw fans respond in their droves. We loved the vision, the castings, the characters and the stories, mostly, and the possibility of anyone rebooting and doing something entirely new is not a pleasant one.

But that’s not to say Nolan didn’t make any mistakes. Plot-holes emerged, characters were under-developed or abandoned and whole plot strands ended up being brushed aside, and occasionally, the films just stopped making sense entirely.

This article is a portrait of those moments that lacked coherent thought; the points where everyone started scratching their heads (provided they looked properly) and wondering just what Nolan was trying to get away with.

And what better place to start than right at the beginning…?

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This article was first posted on July 19, 2013