The Deadpool Team Want To See A Spider-Man Crossover Movie

Um... what?

Spider-Man and Deadpool comic
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Everyone knows that crossover movies mean bad news, but could a Deadpool/Spider-Man flick be the one to bring some joy back into the sub-genre?

According to the Deadpool creative team, the answer is "Yes!"

When probed on the matter of a crossover whilst doing the press rounds for the film's upcoming Blu-ray release, Deadpool director Tim Miller and producer Simon Kinberg mentioned that they'd been trying to "build bridges" with Marvel Studios in order to make it happen.

Kinberg also had this to say:

"I would love to see it. Both of us are close with Kevin , we respect and love Kevin. If it were even remotely possible, we will find a way €™cause we€™d would love to see it."

In the comic lore, Deadpool is a huge Spider-Man fan, of course, and they've teamed up a bunch of times (to Deadpool's delight). On paper, it's fine, but I've never been a big fan of crossover films - not a single good one springs to mind. In the wake of Batman v Superman (a sort-of crossover movie), there's also a new feeling that, hey, maybe we should leave these things alone for a while?

What nobody seems to address during these conversations is the fact that Deadpool and Spider-Man don't exist in the same film universe. The MCU is its own thing; Ryan Reynolds can't just pop into that on a whim. Everytime these conversations occur, lots of filmmakers - and Kinberg is the worst when it comes to this - seem to forget that it would spoil everything for two separate universes to suddenly collide. How hard is it to understand that, guys? Nobody wants it!

Given that Kevin Fiege is a stickler for continuity, I'd say that the chances of this happening are lower than that of Zack Snyder directing a good DC movie. So, low.

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