The Disaster Artist Review: 8 Ups & 1 Down

1. It's One Of The Year's Funniest Films

The Disaster Artist James Franco

Above all else, The Disaster Artist is genuinely one of the year's funniest films. Sure, it'll do little-to-nothing for those without knowledge of or love for The Room, but if you're in the know, the gag-rate is impressively high, both in terms of the movie's recreations of "classic" scenes, and the sheer peculiarity of the film's production.

That Franco manages to make the film so funny without seeming overly cruel or unfair to Wiseau is surprising and impressive, with the tone striking a terrific balance even though rarely more than a minute or two go by without a gut-laugh.

What are your expectations for The Disaster Artist? Have you seen it yet? Shout it out in the comments!

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