The DVD Lowdown #2

Release Date: 13th April 2009 inkheart2374892356345Inkheart Yes, so I got the date wrong. Sue me. Still not that good, but ideal Easter Holiday viewing when you cant stop the kids from bouncing on your head. Hurray for contraception. maxpayne21984932742Max Payne Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Donnie Wahlberg was an only child- Max Payne inspired more than one of those lovely departures from reality when I eventually dragged myself round to watching it last week. Okay so maybe that€™s a tad harsh, but I am perpetually disappointed by Mark Wahlberg€™s fluctuating career: his performance in Max Payne is made more frustrating by the genius of his turns in Boogie Nights and The Departed. Max Payne is actually a fairly good reflection of Wahlberg€™s Hollywood career- flashes of artistry like the impeccable visual style are undone by all too frequent blemishes, which can mostly be pinned upon John Moore€™s direction and obvious predilection for hyper-violence. The cumulative effect is of a glossy but ultimately vapid piece of work, which is very unfortunate, considering the potential Rock Star Games favourite anti-hero represented (it€™s all a little bit Punisher). redriding63427657235The Red Riding Trilogy David Peace€™s other adaptation will no doubt gather far more attention than this TV-screened trilogy, but that isn€™t necessarily a justified development. The star power of the trilogy is undeniable, including excellent appearances by Paddy Considine and a chilling Sean Bean, and the direction and photography are near perfect: very few modern films have been able to capture the essence of 1970s and 80s Britain with quite the same success. If you€™re in a country that wasn€™t lucky enough to have this gorgeous piece of British film history broadcast to you then I strongly urge you to take the opportunity to buy it as soon as possible. hunter763827587523Release Date:13th April 2009Gonzo- The Life & Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson Hunter S Thompson is my hero- the genuine real deal. Had I the opportunity to bask in his reflected glory for a few minutes my life would have been complete- but Gonzo isnt really the shrine to the great Doctor that I expected and craved. Don€™t get me wrong, the detail is lavish, and the archive footage pretty unrivalled, and the majority of film fans will find it a more than adequate dedication to Thompson, but this is the one occasion when I wanted some proper balls-out sycophancy. Maybe that€™s just me though€ madmoney219832469235Mad Money Three women of starkly different backgrounds decide to rob one of the most secure banks in America- like Ocean€™s Eleven with much more HRT, and much less visual appeal. It€™s quite a good comment on the job-seeking climate in the current economic downturn, with a system that underestimates and undervalues people, but it€™s all a little too matriarchal for me (it€™s from the same creative force that brought us Thelma & Louise and The Divine Secrets of The Yaya Sisterhood). Star Wars The Clone Wars Vol1- A Galaxy Divided The Lucasfilm wheel rolls on, and what a surprise it comes in more than one volume. I€™ll say no more. thethickofit460876675The Thick Of It: The Specials If there was any doubt that Britain can still make the best political satires, The Thick of It surely allays it: a confidence encouraged by Hollywood€™s endorsement of Armando Ianucci€™s fantastically biting comedy. Before you go and see James Gandolfini sniping opposite Peter Capaldi, pick up the Specials (and the rest of the series) and fall in love with the best written British comedy series since Not The Nine O Clock News. Clough: The Brain Clough Story Depending on where your allegiances lie, Clough will appear to be either a shameless attempt to take advantage of the added interest swept up by The Damned United or a necessary retort to the fictional presentation of both David Peace€™s novel and Tom Hooper€™s film. Either way, watching this documentary is an enriching experience, offering another look at the life of the legend who is already a familiar figure and goes some way to deflating some of the myths attached to his life. What else€Lewis Series 3, Two and a Half Men Season 5, Doctor Who: The Cybermen, Flashpoint, FM.

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