The Equalizer 2 Review: 6 Ups & 3 Downs

Denzel props up an entertaining if messy sequel.

The Equalizer 2 Denzel Washington

Believe it or not, The Equalizer 2 is Denzel Washington's first ever sequel, and while it's not exactly a follow-up for the ages, it more often than not delivers the grisly goods that fans of the original will be hoping for.

While unsurprisingly dividing critics, the movie's CinemaScore actually improved upon its predecessor's - landing an "A", up from the first film's "A-" - and the film absolutely sees Washington and director Antoine Fuqua serve up another entertaining dose of no-frills mayhem.

Sure, it's not especially profound or memorable, but it delivers stylish thrills while you're watching it, and it's certainly not another phoned-in action sequel as genre fans are so used to seeing.

It has some clear issues - especially in the scripting and editing departments - but if you're a fan of the first, The Equalizer 2 should provide a pleasing dose of Denzel smacking people in the face for 121 blood-soaked minutes.

You pretty much know what you're getting here, so act accordingly...


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