The “F” Word: The All-Time Profanity List

It is probably the most common swear word in the English language. The word itself can be used as a…

Kyle Hytonen


It is probably the most common swear word in the English language. The word itself can be used as a noun, a verb or even an adjective, with numerous incarnations and additions as well. It can be used in anger, fear, humor, passion or disbelief among other well placed usages in our emotions, and carries with it a power that few words carry.

The F-Bomb, The F-Word, F–k, The Four Letter Word, F#@k, F**k, The dreaded F dash dash word, Eff, Rhymes with truck. Use it as you may, it is a word that has put us and gotten us out of many situations. No other usage of the word has been so esoteric than in film. The word was first heard in the 1967 film Ulysses, and since then has grown commonplace over the years, allowing screenwriters everywhere a bit more creative leeway when conveying a character’s emotion or language.

As per the ratings guidelines, generally if a film has more than 2 uses of the word the film is given an ‘R’ rating for coarse language. So if you get burned the same for using it only 2 times, why not say it a few hundred times more? Here is a list of some of the most iconic uses of The Word Than Cannot Be Named, since its initial bomb dropping some 45 years ago.

DISCLAIMER: Please take note that all the segments on this list have a reference video link attached, and those videos contain coarse language.



10. The Big Lebowski

Writers/directors Joel & Ethan Coen have never shied away from using the F-Bomb in their work, but they manage to create a script of profane brilliance  for The Big Lebowski that would even make Shakespeare proud. In the film, The Dude (Jeff Bridges) is a burnt out hippie who loves nothing more than to go bowling with his buddies Walter (John Goodman) and Donny (Steve Buscemi), listen to some Dylan and have the occasional acid flashback. He is an every-man, a bum, a dude. He along with Walter use the F-Bomb in their daily lives, and it is just a small part of what makes them who they are and the world they live in.

The Big Lebowski has an F-Bomb count of 260 uses in the film, and the majority of the most memorable quotes from the film use it so…eloquently. From “Don’t f–k with the Jesus” to “Shut the f–k up, Donny” the Coens created a perfect world where one could roll a 260 and be proud of it.