The Flash: Back To The Future's Robert Zemeckis Linked As Director

Somehow though, "talking to" doesn't mean "in talks".

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Don't get your hopes up too high, but the good folks over at ScreenJunkies have run an exclusive video to report that none other than Robert Zemeckis is "in talks" to direct the upcoming The Flash movie for Warner Bros.

Here's the video from ScreenJunkies...

Apparently, though, there are some semantic problems here. Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap - a famed scooper with his finger on as many pulses as you'd care to imagine inside Hollywood, allegedly - says the "in talks" bit is incorrect. That Zemeckis has met about the film as part of Warner Bros' broader search for a director, but that he hasn't progressed beyond that.

For some, that might seem like pedantry over terms, but it's important to understand that in film business parlance "in talks" is far more advanced than "has talked to a studio about". In talks means there's an offer on the table and that lawyers are drawing up final terms and such. Meeting to discuss the possibility of a film gig is nothing, really - which is why Guillermo Del Toro was so open about meeting with LucasFilm to talk Star Wars ideas recently, but so frustrated at the inevitable headlines it would cause everyone to jump to.

So we're not really any closer to knowing who will direct The Flash; we just know who they're looking at, and presumably what sort of tone they're hoping for. And having the Back To The Future director involved would be a pretty sweet hire.

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