The Girl In The Spider's Web Review: 3 Ups & 6 Downs

Claire Foy struggles to prop up a dull misfire.

The Girl In The Spider's Web
Sony Pictures

The reboot-sequel to David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo lands in UK cinemas this week, and if the movie's tepid critical response didn't make it clear enough, The Girl in the Spider's Web's poor box office performance cements that audiences just aren't interested in this continuation.

Though hardly a terrible film, this Claire Foy-starring follow-up rarely rises above watchable and generic, wrapping tired, cliched plotting around superficial style with little of the depth or lasting impact of Fincher's film (or even the 2009 Swedish original).

There certainly was a way to make a Fincher-less retooling work, but by taking the most cynical and simplistic route possible, Lisbeth Salander's cinematic future has sadly been put on ice for probably another near-decade.

If mildly entertaining at times thanks to it shameless trashiness, this movie absolutely isn't worth the price of a ticket and is best reserved for a streamed viewing on a lazy Sunday a few months from now...


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