The Girl In The Spider's Web Vows Revenge In Latest International Trailer

"The girl who hurts men who hurt women" is back.

The Girl In The Spiders Web
Sony Pictures

The latest international trailer and brand-new poster for Sony's upcoming thriller The Girl in the Spider's Web have just dropped, offering another tantalising look at the movie in advance of its November release date. The latest instalment in the Millenium series stars the always-great Claire Foy as the so-called "girl who hurts men who hurt women" (which admittedly doesn't have the same ring to it as "the girl with the dragon tattoo) Lisbeth Salander, peeling back the curtain on which part of her past is haunting her this time.

Not only focusing on Salander's set up by the people who hired her, the trailer also dives into the anti-hero's origin, once again shining a light on her twin sister, Camilla. Seemingly out for revenge after accusing Lisbeth of not saving her as a child despite helping everyone else, it seems as though Spider's Web will explore just how the troubled heroine became the mythical Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

There's a hell of a lot going on, but it's all wrapped up in some sickly-beautiful cinematography and the same kind of nasty (yet captivating) violence you'd expect from a Fede Alvarez film. The director is on a hot streak at the moment, and Spider's Web doesn't look like it'll end his great run of recent flicks. Check out the full trailer for yourself below.

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