Hangover Part 2

With the release of its first trailer, the marketing push for the final part of The Hangover trilogy has begun. So are hyped up for it? Not really. Based on the admittedly scarce info we’ve got so far, it just doesn’t look like it will be a very good film. Of course, I have a tendency to sometimes be completely and utterly wrong about things and it’s always possible for a film to counter your expectations but for now at least, here are 5 Reasons why we’re very much not optimistic about The Hangover Part 3…

5. It’s Not Really Needed

The Hangover never really needed a sequel. It was produced as a standalone film with all of its major plot threads wrapped up by the end of the film. The Wolfpack found Doug, arrived at the wedding on time, and worked out pretty much everything that had happened to them. It worked perfectly as a standalone film. Ditto the sequel. It was a bad film but, like the first one, it was standalone. Which begs the question of why a third film is needed.

There’s not a lot more you can do with the characters and in the sequel they became so savvy about what happens to them that it seems not much can phase them anymore, causing the film to have less comedic potential as a lot of the laughs came from the characters’ reactions to the situations they find themselves in as well as comedy coming from the situations themselves.

And as much as I’ll sound your typical basement dwelling fanboy: it feels like it’s being done solely for money instead of making a decent film. Anyway, fanboy hat and rose-tinted glass off as we move onto the argument that…

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This article was first posted on March 12, 2013