The Hobbit: 10 Best Moments From The First Two Films

Ever fancied a barrel ride down a river?

It is safe betting that J.R.R. Tolkien would have loved what Peter Jackson has done with his creation. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy is an almost universally praised and loved film series from the 2000s. Yet, even though Jackson chose to omit various sub-plots of the Rings books from his trilogy, it received far less flak over it than The Hobbit films have. An almost endless stream of criticisms have been aimed at Jackson's adaptation of Bilbo's adventure, from scenes and characters that never appeared in the books to an extremely protracted running time, it's fair to say that The Hobbit films have received a cold reception in comparison to the Rings trilogy. Whether you think the criticism as fair or not depends largely on how devoted you are to the source material, and while certain liberties have been taken with the story, Jackson has arguably only presented his own take on the many gaps present in the novel. Whatever your outlook is on the films, there's no denying that, so far, Bilbo's journey has had more than just a few outstanding moments of brilliance, and this article is a run-down of the ten greatest moments seen so far in the two films - there's really no shortage of scenes that even the most hardened of Tolkien fans can enjoy.
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