The Incredibly Dumb Deadpool 2 Pitch Ryan Reynolds Wanted To Make

Some things are too silly even for 'Pool...

Deadpool 2

When it comes to Deadpool, you have to expect a certain degree of silliness. It's part of his inherent charm and to his credit, Ryan Reynolds channeled that into his exceptional, hilarious sequel with Rob Leitch earlier this year.

The whole sequel was a triumph and a really artful exercise in misdirection with the way the X-Force were set up and then immediately killed off for effect. But it wasn't the film Reynolds initially pitched.

According to the man himself - who appeared on Jimmy Fallon to push the extended cut of the movie - his initial pitch was so stupid that it was rejected out of hand. He says his original idea was simpy to have the whole movie following 'Pool's attempts to steal the big red chair from The Voice. For some reason...

It's no real surprise Fox said it was "just the dumbest thing ever" on reflection.

Quite how serious Reynolds is here is up for debate, though you really shouldn't put it past him or the character. It actually sounds like exactly the sort of irreverent weirdness that 'Pool could have obsessed over while a wider narrative was happening around him.

In fact, it's actually a bit of a shame we didn't see any of it in the final film.

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