The Matrix Rebooted: Warner Bros Taking Michael B Jordan Down The Rabbit Hole?

And they've got an Avengers writer with them this time...

The Matrix Reboot
Warner Bros.

Despite the news recently that Keanu Reeves would actually be up for a fourth Matrix movie appearance as Neo, it looks like Warner Bros have other plans.

The Hollywood Reporter are reporting (from Hollywood), that the studio is in the early stages of a relaunch of The Matrix, with Avengers and X-Men 2 story writer Zak Penn in talks to write the first treatment. He might not be the most eye-catching of names, but he did the same thing for Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble and the best X-Men movie aside from Logan, so he's got my dollar.

Rather excitingly, the studio are supposedly looking at Michael B Jordan to star, following on from his meteoric rise to the A-list. But the Wachowksis are not - at this stage - attached in any shape, which might well be a good thing. The best thing for this reboot is distance from the sequels (in terms of narrative coherence and business for the studio).

Whether it has their blessing remains to be seen at this stage, but original star Keanu Reeves said he'd only be involved if they were, so it might be too much to expect Neo to even appear. And with Warner Bros apparently attracted to the idea of approaching the universe the same way Disney has taken on Star Wars films since they acquired the rights, it seems more likely they'd make anthology movies away from his story.

It's not like you can continue telling the story of The Chosen One without people wondering why this super-powerful entity can't get the job done. Intriguingly, THR mention the idea of a young Morpheus film, which would be an intriguing one.

THR say Joel Silver approached Warner Bros about the possibility of another film, but that the studio aren't quite as keen on working with him despite his role in the original trilogy. And again, given the reception of the sequels, that might not be the worst thing.

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